zuburbia (noun) – a state of vintage fashion consciousness where looking good and doing good for our planet coexist peacefully

We put the ECO in Eco-Chic!

Good ol’ Kermit the Frog said it best: “It’s not easy being green.” But we believe it’s worth the effort. So we’re committed to doing all we can to reduce, resuse and recycle in our operations and to helping you participate in the greening of Mother Earth:

  • Eco-dry cleaning and laundering with eco-detergents
  • Free carbon neutral ground shipping
  • Ten trees planted with every order
  • 1% for the Planet Member
  • Recycled packaging materials
  • 10% of all feather, fur and reptile sales donated to animal activist charities
We put the CHIC in Eco-Chic!

You won’t have to sacrifice one ounce of style to be a good green citizen. Each of our garments is hand-selected for its quality and uniqueness so you can stop swimming in the Sea of Similarity and boldly go where all great fashionistas have gone--a world where LESS is more. Where one item that expresses your authentic self is preferable to a closet full of the ho-hum. Where every item is an endangered species and perhaps the last of its kind to walk the planet.

Eco Note

60% of the greenhouse gases generated from a single t-shirt come from washing it over its lifetime.

your bill of rights

You have a Right to VALUE

When it comes to vintage clothing, pricing is far more art than science. So we take our clues from the best-dressed gal in the forest—Goldilocks! We strive to set prices that are not too low…not too high…but JUST RIGHT!

You have a Right to QUALITY

We believe if it wouldn’t hang in our own closet then why on earth would you want it in yours? We painstakingly search for the most unique items and conduct eagle-eye inspections to result in quality you can trust.

You have a Right to SERVICE

Did you notice the word SERVE is part of the word SERVICE? We did! So we’re at your beck and call (within reason, of course, since every girl needs a little beauty rest!) But we don’t hide behind email—here’s the phone number straight to the boss: 310.927.0893

You have a Right to SATISFACTION

Poor Mick Jagger “can’t get no satisfaction” because he hasn’t shopped with us! In fact, we aim to go beyond mere satisfaction and give you an online shopping experience that thrills and delights every step of the way! And in case we somehow goof up, we’re happy to give a 100% refund (just tell us what we did to disappoint so we can make sure it never happens again).

Zuburbia Green Vintage

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